2016 Baseball & Softball Season

4/21/16: UPDATED Revised Holiday Schedule for all Teams (except Pee Wee and Ponys)
for April 22-May 1, 2016:

A Revised Holiday Schedule dated April 21 has been posted and distributed to all organization representatives and is available by clicking here.  It contains all the games from April 22 through May 1 with the changes marked in blue as “Revised to:”   It does not affect the Pee Wee and Ponys games for which all games are scheduled to be played.  This schedule revises the prior Holiday schedule AND the originally posted full season schedules (which will not be updated with these changes) and even if any schedule says a weekday game starts at 5:45pm, the permit for the field begins at6pm.  We say 5:45pm so that in case the field is available, the game can start early.


Thanks for your patience,

Eddie Albert

President  “

Updated 04.20.16:  Revised Holiday Schedule for all Teams (except Pee Wee and Ponys)
for April 22-May 1, 2016:

Due to the public school holiday many teams cannot field teams.  As a result we have posted a revised schedule for the April 22 through May 1 period.  It has been circulated to all organization representatives, is posted on the “Schedules” page, and can be obtained by clicking here.  This schedule supersedes any games listed on the previously released schedule even those currently posted on the Schedules page.  The schedule is based on the responses of coaches to our survey.   There are no Pee Wee or Pony games listed as none of those games are being canceled.  If not enough players show up use it as an opportunity to practice or scrimmage.

The revisions are based on the response of the coaches to a survey about games during the public school break that asked whether they would be able to field teams or, if not, would they like to practice or scrimmage during the original game slot.  Only 59 of the possible 115 teams responded to the survey.  Our assumption is that those who did not respond would be able to field a team.  We indicate in the second column whether there will be a game in that slot (GAME in Green) with an umpire or a practice or scrimmage without an umpire (PRAC in red).  The last column for each game indicates the reason why that slot will not have a game.

Making up Games:  If a team wants to makeup a game, there is a procedure that has been made available to all organizations and coaches.

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Eddie Albert
Prospect Park Baseball Association

Umpire & Rules Issues, Complaints and Comments:
To contact us regarding umpire and rules issues, please fill out this Umpire & Rules Form and we will take appropriate action.  Please consider this an opportunity to not only deal with specific issues but to make constructive suggestions.