PPBA Spring 2017 Baseball


Click here for a list of the games for which umpires were requested by coaches and which will be honored.
This list is as of 5pm April 13.

04.03.17: PPBA 2017 Game Makeups and Umpires for April 10-18 Games

For April 1-April 9 and April 19 through the rest of the season:
If a coach wants to make up a game, for whatever reason, he or she must follow the directions detailed in the following document that is located in the Coaches Private Page of the PPBA website:   http://ppba.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/PPBA-Schedule-Change-Procedure-2014.pdf

For April 10-April 18
Because this is the public school holiday, umpires have not been scheduled for any games during this period.  During that period, you have the option, for that particular game slot, of:

  1. playing a game and requesting and umpire, or
  2. Practicing, or
  3. Having a scrimmage with your opponent, or
  4. not showing up.

If you practice or scrimmage please share the field equally.  If you want an umpire for a game, you must request one 48 hours before the game time using the following questionnaire.


You must first confirm that your opponent will have enough for a team as well.

Finally, this year some teams will be playing games on the Parkville field.  That complex usually has a snack bar that is open – almost certainly on the weekends.  Please do not bring outside food and do patronize their snack bar.  The proceeds are used to maintain their fields.

Thanks and have a great holiday break.
Eddie Albert
Prospect Park Baseball Association

04.01.17: 2017 Spring Season Rule Update
PPBA Baseball & Softball Rules 2017 4-1-17 (NEW!)

03.21.17: Ball Cap Liners
This year and going forward all baseball pitchers age 10 and older are required to wear a head protector.  All affected teams are being provided with one liner.  We strongly suggest that every pitcher have their own so they can get used to them and to avoid erosion of the fabric liner for use by multiple players.
How to order a Ball Cap Liner
Ball Cap Protective Liners can be order directly from the supplier at a 10% discount.  We ordered the small with temple guard for 10 year olds and younger and the large with temple guard for those 12 and older.  The smalls are in stock.  The large sized one are on back order which they say will not be available until mid-April.  You will have check back, or, you can purchase another similar product or wear a batting helmet.

If you want to order the ball cap liner (at a 10% discount):

  • Go to their website: www.ballcapliner.com
  • Click on the “Buy Now” message that will popup over the pictures of Cliff Floyd wearing the liner.
  • The next screen will mention a discount if you buy in quantity – IGNORE THAT – and scroll down on that page to click on the guard you want to order
  • The page will either say “Out of Stock” or “Add to Cart”.  If you chose “Add to Cart”  simply complete the transaction as you would any other on-line purchase.  However, be sure to enter the following promotion code when checking out to obtain a 10% discount: BCLPPBA10


PITCHER PROTECTION:  Last year one of our 13-year-old pitchers in the Grasshopper division was struck in the head by a batted ball while pitching.  The injury was so serious that it required brain surgery.   Thankfully a full recovery is expected, but the road has been slow and trying.   As a result, the PPBA board has decided to make two important rules changes:

  1. PITCHER HEADGEAR: ALL pitchers in ALL hardball divisions from Cubs through Freshmen must wear protective headgear while pitching to a batter.  The headgear must be provided by the respective organizations.  The type of headgear will be subject to approval by the PPBA board but shall be no less than a batting helmet that fits securely on the pitcher’s head.  Loosely fitting headgear will not be allowed unless the helmet is fitted with a chinstrap.
  2. REDEFINITION GRASSHOPPER DIVISION TO 15U:  The age definition for the Grasshopper division has been changed to 15 and under (previously it was 14 and under).  We understand that some 13 year olds may want to play with their friends on a Grasshopper team of predominantly 14 year olds.  However the Board strongly recommends that players play in their age appropriate division: that 13s play in the Super Bantam division, that 14s and 15s play in the Grasshopper division, and that 16s and 17s play in the Freshmen division.

HEART PROTECTION:  The city council passed a law requiring the presence of a heart defibrillator, and an adult trained to use it, at all baseball practices and games that occur on city owned fields to prevent a lethal sudden cardiac arrest caused by being struck in the chest by a pitched or batted ball.  The law encompasses practices and games of all age groups.  As a result every team (Pee Wee through Freshmen and Mustangs through Colts) will be receiving a defibrillator for the season and will be required to have an adult who will be present at the practices and games to be trained to use the machine.  The machine must be returned at the end of the season in working order and each organization will be responsible for the cost of any lost, stolen or damaged machine (the law imposes a $2,500 charge per machine).  When and where the machines will be distributed and the training will take place has yet to be determined.  It will be announced on this site and communicated to all organizations.

6/17/16: 2016 Spring Tournament Championship Winners

Congratulations to all 2016 Spring Tournament Championship Winners!

Final 2016 Spring Championship Winner/Runner Up:

Cub North:  78 BASSETT (winner) / 78 WILLIAMS (runner up)
Cub East: OLG KLEIN (winner) / 78 HARDING (runnerup)
Cub Central: 78 MCKENNA(winner) / 78 OTTER(runner up)
Cub West: SFX PRAVDA(winner) / SFX KUSTAL(runner up)
Cub South: SFX YOUNGELSON(winner) / SFX SWARTZ(runner up)

Bantam East: CF BERGER(winner) / SFX JACKSON(runner up)
Bantam Central: 78 NACHSIN(winner) / SFX MAKES(runner up)
Bantam West: 78 AHLGRIM(winner) / 78 ALBIZU(runner up)
Bantam South: 78 HOROWITZ(winner) / 78 PSARRAS(runner up)

Super Bantam American League: SBBL AZAR(winner) / 78 SHIFFMAN(runner up)
Super Bantam National League: 78 deMAUSE(winner) / 78 MILLER(runner up)

Grasshopper: HOLY NAME MEEHAN(winner) / 78 DOUGHERTY(runner up)

Freshman American League: 78 MILLER(winner) / SFX PICCARD(runner up)
Freshman National League: 78 McKENZIE(winner) / 78 LIEBER(runner up)


Mustang: SFX DEVESIN(winner) / SFX CALABRESE(runner up)

Bronco: HOLY NAME MARKEY(winner) / SFX LISSAK(runner up)

Colt: BA TRELLES(winner) / SFX LENNARD(runner up)

Eddie Albert
President, Prospect Park Baseball Assocn

Umpire & Rules Issues, Complaints and Comments:
To contact us regarding umpire and rules issues, please fill out this Umpire & Rules Form and we will take appropriate action.  Please consider this an opportunity to not only deal with specific issues but to make constructive suggestions.