2015 Baseball Season

Welcome to the 2015 Baseball Season!

Umpire & Rules Issues, Complaints and Comments:

To contact us regarding umpire and rules issues, please fill out this Umpire & Rules Form and we will take appropriate action.  Please consider this an opportunity to not only deal with specific issues but to make constructive suggestions.



With the exception of the Colt and Freshmen division (15-17), the PPBA does not track wins and losses.  Seeding in the season-ending tournament is randomly drawn.  As result there is no such thing as a forfeit in any division except in the Colt and Freshmen divisions.  If you or your opponent is short players, use the time as an opportunity to scrimmage and practice.  If one of the teams informs the PPBA in advance, the umpire will be cancelled.  Otherwise, the umpire will be paid and is required to work the game/scrimage, even if a team is short players and the teams allow players to join the other team so that the positions are filled.  In that case, the rules require that the game/scrimmage end 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the next game.  Please be considerate and be off the field at that time so the other teams and warm up.  Remember this is about playing, not wins and losses.

Every attempt must be made to play games as scheduled.  It is difficult to predict spring weather even an hour in advance. Teams should go to the field unless their game is specifically cancelled on the PPBA hotline.  In other words, coaches should call their players only to cancel a game, not to tell them it will be played. Only an authorized PPBA representative or the umpire may cancel games.  PPBA will announce all rain cancellations or rain delayed starts on its hotline – 888-473-6864. Makeup games may be possible, contact your organization representative.  However, schedules attempt to book all available regular season field slots.

Thank you,
Eddie Albert