PPBA Spring 2018 Baseball

04.13.18: Notice to Coaches: Prospect Park fields – base placement

Hi Coaches,

The fields have been lined – except F & G which currently have no games scheduled there (we are waiting to see if it is necessary and if so, the best place to create one or both given the use by the divisions of the renovated fields).

Here is important info to make base placement easier on the Prospect Park fields.

Fields 1, 6 & 7.

Base placement: there are green tape markings on the fence and white paint lines (where there is no fence) for both 1st base and 3rd base sides that help to determine the placements of bases for 50’ (Mustang), 60’ (Cubs, Broncos and Colts), 70’ (Bantam), 80’ (Super Bantam) and 90’ (GH and Freshmen).  The back of 1st and 3rd bases should be aligned with the marking.

Placement of home plate:  there is a string that is tied to the back center of the backstop.  Stretch it fully and place the back tip of home plate to the tip of the rope and everything should line up.  (It is about 17’ from the back stop).  Please be sure to rewind the string and fit it into the backstop when done.

Fields 2, 3, 4 & 5

Base placement: there are green tape markings on the fence and white paint lines for both 1st base and 3rd base sides that help to determine the placements of bases for 50’ (Mustang), 60’ (Cubs, Broncos and Colts), 70’ (Bantam), 80’ (Super Bantam) and 90’ (GH and Freshmen).  The back of 1st and 3rd bases should be aligned with the marking.  Home plate will have to be eyeballed using the lines in the outfield as a guide.

Lettered Fields.  All the relevant base distance markings are painting along the foul lines (10’ for batter’s in play box, 40’ and 50’).

Finally, please remember that the home team is responsible for supplying the bases.

04.05.18: Parade and Opening Weekend Canceled

Hi Parents,

Parade and Games Canceled this weekend:

Due to the weather forecast for cold and rain and/or snow and the very wet condition of the fields, the opening day parade this Saturday, April 7 and all games for all teams ages 4-17 for both Saturday and Sunday April 7 & 8 have been canceled for all fields.

For games scheduled on Monday, please consult the PPBA hotline Monday afternoon.

The Parks Department has requested that none of the grass/clay fields be played on over the weekend should any of you wish to practice.

Grasshopper West Schedule – This schedule had to be revised because the OLG team pulled out of the league in the last minute.  The revised schedule is now posted in our Schedule website section.

Other Prospect Park Activities are still on: The Prospect Park Alliance is still planning a weekend of events, and we hope you can still come to the Park to enjoy a range of events for the full family. Unfortunately, the exhibition game with the Brooklyn Atlantics is canceled, but the Opening Day Fair is still slated for Saturday from 11 am until 3 pm, with food trucks, “touch a truck” exhibits, sports clinics and more family fun. Visit the Prospect Park Alliance website at Prospect Park Alliance – Opening Weekend Events  for more information!

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Eddie Albert

03.26.18: Schedules have been posted for the 2018 Season

03.13.18: New Rules/Cheatsheets for the 2018 Season
PPBA Baseball & Softball Rules 2018
PPBA Hardball Rules Cheatsheet 4-1-18
PPBA Softball Rules Cheatsheet 4-1-18

Final 2017 Spring Championship Winner/Runner Up:


Cub East: SFX Swartz (winner) / 78 Gromek (runnerup)
Cub Central: SFX Krase (winner) / 78 Grimshaw (runner up)
Cub West: 78 Barnes (winner) / 78 Hernandez (runner up)
Cub South: SFX Brady (winner) / Camp Friendship (runner up)
Bantam East: 78 Gelbman (winner) / Camp Friendship (runner up)
Bantam Central: 78 Berg-Harding (winner) / 78 Wormsby (runner up)
Bantam West: SBBL Nardiello (winner) / 78 Herman (runner up)
Bantam South: SFX Veto/Youngelson (winner) / SFX Kustal-Mintz (runner up)
Super Bantam West: SFX  Makes (winner) / SFX Jackson (runner up)
Super Bantam East: SBBL Azar  (winner) / 78 Nachsin (runner up)
Grasshopper: HN Meehan (winner) / SBBL Gonzalez (runner up)
Freshman: 78 Shiffman (winner) / 78 Potter (runner up)


Mustang: 78 Carlson (winner) / SFX Calabrese (runner up)
Bronco: HN Caccamo (winner) / SFX Hannan (runner up)
Colt: SFX Fraser (winner) / Brooklyn Angels (runner up)

Eddie Albert
President, Prospect Park Baseball Assocn

Umpire & Rules Issues, Complaints and Comments:
To contact us regarding umpire and rules issues, please fill out this Umpire & Rules Form and we will take appropriate action.  Please consider this an opportunity to not only deal with specific issues but to make constructive suggestions.