2016 Baseball & Softball Season

6/17/16: 2016 Spring Tournament Championship Schedules are Posted

Congratulations to all teams that have made it into the Championship Weekend!  The REVISED Championship schedule has been posted on the Schedule Page.  Please remember that all coaches and parents should model positive behavior.  Thanks for you support and have a great championship game.

Eddie Albert
President, Prospect Park Baseball Association

5/24/16: PPBA Tournament Info and Rules

On Tuesday June 6, the 2016 PPBA tournament will begin.  Some of the rules are different for the tournament, however the rules for both regular season and tournament play are contained in the one rules document.  The tournament rules are specifically identified as such in rules.

We are therefore providing a direct link to the complete versions of both baseball and softball rules for coaches and umpires to review.

It is important for coaches and umpires to review this material before the tournaments start to address questions or issues that have often come up in the past, and to ensure a better overall gaming experience. Please read this content in its entirety.

For your convenience, we have provided the special tournament rules as separate pdf files following the link to the complete set of rules (please refer to Section 5, “Post Season Playoffs or Tournament Rules”).

In addition, here are some rule highlights that are often raised:

  1. Team rosters are available for coaches to check (it is recommended to check BEFORE your games).  They will be posted on the PPBA website on the coaches private page.  Any overage player or player that is not on the team roster may be challenged as to their eligibility to play in the tournament.
  2. A coin toss determines the home team for all games (except for the Freshmen division, which is a double elimination tournament – once teams fall into winners and losers brackets, winners bracket teams are always home team).  Nonetheless, every team should bring bases and pitching rubbers.
  3. All playoff/tournament games, EXCEPT FOR CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES, shall be played under the timeframe of a regular season game (no new inning after 1 hour 50 minutes).  Innings that begin before the deadline can be finished (so games can run over). Games cannot end in a tie, so extra innings are possible.
  4. For CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES ONLY: There is no time limit, and the games must be played to full inning duration for each division until a winner is determined.
  5. There is NO WINDMILL pitching allowed in the Mustang Division.
  6. Base paths and home plate cannot be blocked or obstructed. If a catcher is fielding the ball at the plate, they MUST leave sufficient space for the runner to tag home and MAY NOT block the plate, or they will be called for obstruction.  The call is a judgment call by the umpire and cannot be challenged.
  7. Only the HEAD COACH may approach or speak to the umpire directly.

Lastly, please remember that coaches set the tone for their teams and parents. In the excitement of the playoffs, it is most important to keep a calm and level head to avoid potential escalations. Please remember coaches are responsible for their parents as well as their team.

Good luck and enjoy the playoff/tournament season!

Eddie Albert
President, Prospect Park Baseball Assocn

Umpire & Rules Issues, Complaints and Comments:
To contact us regarding umpire and rules issues, please fill out this Umpire & Rules Form and we will take appropriate action.  Please consider this an opportunity to not only deal with specific issues but to make constructive suggestions.