2015 Baseball Season

Congratulations to all the Tournament winners and thank you for a successful, fun 2015 Spring Season! Tournament results are posted below:


Mustang: OLG Kessler (Runner Up: SFX McGinnis)
Bronco: SFX Fraser (Runner Up: BA Trelles)
Colts: Co-Champions BA TRELLES, SFX Semmens


Cubs East: SFX Greene (Runner Up: 78 Kranz)
Cubs West: 78 Albizu (Runner Up: 78 Ahlgrim)
Cubs North: 78 Williams (Runner Up: 78 Orlowsky)
Cubs South: SBBL Nardiello (Runner Up: OLG Doyle)
Bantam North: 78 Shiffman (Runner Up: 78 Martin)
Bantam East: 78 English (Runner Up: HN Schwartz)
Bantam West: OLG DeNisco (Runner Up: 78 Hartman)
Bantam South: SFX Lennard (Runner Up: SFX Liu)
Super Bantam: HN Meehan (Runner Up: SBBL Nardiello)
Grasshopper: 78 McKenzie (Runner Up: 78 Rosenstein)
Freshmen: SFX Creech (Reds) (Runner Up: SFX Adams (Giants))

Umpire & Rules Issues, Complaints and Comments:

To contact us regarding umpire and rules issues, please fill out this Umpire & Rules Form and we will take appropriate action.  Please consider this an opportunity to not only deal with specific issues but to make constructive suggestions.