Playing Rules

The following are the Playing Rules for the Prospect Park Baseball Association. The hardball & softball rules cover baseball from the Cub Division through the Freshmen Division (ages 9-17), plus the softball rules from the Mustang Division through the High School Division (ages 8-17).

03.13.18: New Rules/Cheatsheets for the 2018 Season
PPBA Baseball & Softball Rules 2018
PPBA Hardball Rules Cheatsheet 4-1-18
PPBA Softball Rules Cheatsheet 4-1-18

The Pee Wee Division (ages 5-6) rules are separate, as are the Pony Division (ages 7-8) rules and are listed below:
Pony Rules: PONY PPBA Rules ao 4-6-13
Pee Wee Rules: PEEWEE PPBA 2013 Rules


Restrictions on Players Approved to Play Down (over-aged Players) – 04.01.2017
All players who are playing down must be approved by the PPBA and that organization’s roster must indicate that fact by placing a PD next to the player’s name.

Playing down players are restricted as follows:
They cannot play the position of pitcher or catcher;
They must bat a the end of the batting order (last);
Where there is more than one player approved to play down on the same team, no more than one playing down player can play an infield position at a time; and
They cannot be an “impact” players – playing down approvals are usually for those who could not play in their age appropriate division for physical or mental reasons.
Players who are impact players and clearly should be playing in their age appropriate division can be moved if so determined by the PPBA board.  Failure to follow these rules will subject the team to disqualification in the season-ending tournament.
New Safety Measures – 04.01.2017
Defibrillators: The City now requires that all teams have a city-provided defibrillator at all practices and games that occur on Parks Department fields.  Training is required and is provided at no cost to whomever on each team will be available to work the machine at practices and games.  A list of the training sessions provided by the Parks Department can be found at the following link:
Pitcher’s Head Protection:  Added to the rules this year is the requirement that all pitchers wear a PPBA-approved head guard.  This applies to pitchers in the following divisions: Cubs, Bantam, Super Bantam, Grasshopper and Freshmen only.  Approved is the use of batting helmets that fit snuggly and device sold by