Support the PPBA by Buying Tickets to Watch the Mets Play

Each year, the PPBA runs an important fundraiser by selling tickets to go see one of the New York baseball teams play. As in past years, the money raised by these ticket sales will help us to rebuild a number of the ball fields.

This year, we will see the NY Mets take on their Eastern Division rivals, the Miami Marlins at Citifield on Friday, May 29, at7:00 pm.

This is a great way to enjoy a night out with friends and family and support your local ball fields!

Tickets were $23 each and are located on the Promenade Level.  All ticketholders will receive a free NY Mets’ t-shirt .

Contact your organization to purchase tickets.  There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, so feel free to bring friends and relatives.  A list of our organizations can be found at this link.

Players and coaches in uniform who arrived two hours before game time went onto the field prior to the game.  Here are the guidelines provided to us by the Mets:

  • Your group should enter through the Left Field Gate with their game tickets no later than two hours before game time.
  • Once through the gate, proceed to the Left Field Ramp.
  • Mets’ Staff and signage will be there to help you locate your League or Pack/Troop position on the ramp.
  • Only uniformed members and leaders will be allowed to participate.  Families may wait on the ramps with participants, but will not be able to join the parade.  All children must be accompanied by the group leader.
  • Mets’ Staff will lead the parade onto the field. Please be alert to their instructions.
  • Stay on the track. Do not go on the grass. Avoid stepping on the foul lines.
  • Do not take samples of grass, dirt or other items from field.
  • Please keep the parade moving. You make take all the photos you like – 
just do not stop to do so. Delays could result in groups at the end of the 
line not getting on the field.*
  • At the conclusion of the parade, you will be directed to your game seats. 
Group leaders should make sure their entire group members are accounted for!”